"The Long Handle"

We have developed and released a new product, The Long Handle,
It is a 300mm long slim handle.
In a league of its own as the superior cast iron heat resistant handle, it exhibits a very
slow increase in heat profile.
The handle is designed to fit all element cookware models.
The extra length enables a great two handed grip that facilitates superior pivot control
especially when moving the larger and heavier pans, E3 and E4.
The longer handle also enables deeper oven placement and easier safe retrieval of the pan from an oven or open fire.

These long slim thin handles generally enable pan use without hand protection.
If the pan is cooking over high heat or for a long duration, it is easy just to remove the
handle keeping the handle cool enough to use without oven mitts.
We recommend the use of this product (30cm in Length ) for E3 and E4 , the large
29.4cm models.
The original 25mm original handle features in E1 and E2 Kits.