E3 Pizza, Dosa, Sizzling Steak, Searing Pan

New Release: the E3 Sizzling Hot Cooking Platform

The creation of the E3 came from studying the USA pan pizza market, where cast iron skillets are seen as an energy- and time-efficient replacement for home kitchen pizza stones.

The advantage of cast iron is that it takes five minutes to heat to a high temperature. Comparatively, it takes an hour or more to preheat a pizza stone in the kitchen oven, which is not kind on power bills.

The E3 pan is reminiscent of the vintage USA pans. Measuring one-quarter of an inch thick (6.35mm) at its base, weighing 3.14kg and with a diameter of 29.4cm, the E3 is the perfect size for cooking large family pizzas.

The pan features a handle with the ability, with absolute ease and speed , to instantly separate from or connect to the pan. The "gravity lock" design is of a high order and the detachable handle provides very firm control and unbeatable utility. Designed with enough length for a two-handed grip, the handle enables the user to easily and safely place and remove the pan from the oven.

The E3 design features a low, angled rim which makes it easy to cook flat dishes like dosas, tortillas, pancakes, crepes and omelets.

When using the E3 as a pizza pan, the pizza is made, cooked and served (using a trivet) using the same dish – making a picture perfect serving platter whilst saving on washing up.

The E3 is a product that will out live you. There are no moving parts, joints or materials bonded together to be ravaged over time. It is a simple 100 per cent cast iron pan, protected by polymerised flax seed oil to prevent oxidation and create the best non-toxic, non-stick cooking surface.

E3 comes with two bamboo paddles, a traditional French-style crepe turner and an Element Cookware created pizza peel. The pizza peel has been designed for versatile function and features straight edges on all sides of the spatula.

While you can't scratch cast iron, just like other non-stick coated pans, the polymerised flax seed oil will eventually wear out. However, differing to ceramic or teflon pans, which must be replaced once their non-stick finish is damaged, the non-stick cooking surface of cast iron pans can be easily maintained. In fact, it actually performs better as the surface becomes more smooth and seasoned over time.

The nature of cast iron as a porous metal and the increased mass of the E3 also creates a whopper of a sizzling platform to sear food. Because the pan can be heated to high temperature without fear of damage, it can be used as a sizzling hot cooking platform. Simply grease the cooking surface with butter, lay a steak down fast, and with attention to timing, you can create the perfectly seared steak.

We love this unique pan.

Brendon O’Sullivan

Managing Director, Element Cookware