Element Cookware E2, Cast Iron Skillet Essentials Set

 26cm Frying pan with oven baking capacity.

This pan fulfils the role of a stove top non stick frying pan that becomes a bit of a workhorse in your kitchen. The pan design with removable handle also facilitates space efficient oven baking or dining room table service. Cast iron is a porous crystalline metal that has unique thermal capacities, these properties also enable a top flight baking capacity. The pan size makes a very generous six portion serve for savory pies, baked cheese cake, or perhaps a sweet pumpkin pie. The 5mm thick cast iron wall structure functions as a  thermal reservoir enabling the best golden pastries or stove top searing of food.

High Temperature Capacity.

The pan can be heated to high temperature without fear of damage.

An absolutely sizzling hot cooking platform is possible.

Swipe the cooking surface with butter , lay the steak down fast, and with attention to timing, you have the capacity to  create  the perfectly seared steak. Just the best that will have your guests asking who your butcher is.


Ease of Cleaning

The design features an absolute commitment to ease of cleaning and unnecessary surface protrusions or undercuts have been avoided. The pan exudes functionality in its unique design. This pan has been designed to clean in 4-8seconds  and does not pander to excessive romantic or logo identification marks impressed into the metal.

Ease of cleaning is achieved after serving of the food while the pan is still hot. Run the kitchen tap at warm and flash the pan under the running water so a micro amount of water strikes the pan and creates a quite massive steam bath. This steam is very hot so please wait a few seconds for it to abate, then three swipes of a kitchen scourer will see this pan clean, quite remarkably easy and far quicker than stainless steel for example. Do not thermally shock the cast iron when using this technique it is a micro amount of warm water.

The remaining heat in the pan also auto dries any remaining surface moisture.

Handle heat resistance Performance

No more oven mitts. It is now clearly established that cast iron pans with a long slim removable handle are in a class of their own when it comes to heat management and versatility of use. Please see the comparison temperature performance chart in the blog section.

Handle Control

The design features  a superior pan handle lock to firmly and safely transition from fry pan, to oven baking, or dining room service.

Long Service Life.

Just how many product these days can you buy that definitely improve with age, will look better in a 100 years with an improved surface sheen, and have the capacity to outlive you. Cast iron does not scratch or develop time-ravaged appearance problems. It just develops over time to exhibit more surface shine and a superior non stick performance. The structural integrity of the pan is of a high order.

Superior Cooking Platform 

Element Cookware cast iron pans are manufactured with a dense metal base that offers excellent thermal properties for cooking on. Unlike modern day cookware, which feature lighter and thinner wall constructions, cast iron is suitable for cooking at moderate or extremely high temperatures. The 5mm thick wall structure enables excellent cooking surface heat diffusion to take place, and together with cast iron's greater thermal mass and  high Specific Heat value, enable these thermal capacities working together  to lift cast iron pans to a class of their own in achievement of superior caramelization, browning and crisping of food. Simply stated, food cooked with cast iron tastes better.


  • 26.5cm Cast Iron Skillet
  • Pre-seasoned with no less than four coats of organic flax seed oil.
  • Bamboo Utensil


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